About Us

Lucky Madi Auto is a black owned and managed dealership that is championed as being a 100% black women owned business, established in 2015 by Mr. Lucky Madi and Ms. Hlengiwe Ngubane. Mr. Madi has a personal history of providing a unique vehicle purchasing experience and selling vehicles through social media and referrals. Having started out as spotters, purely for the passion and the hunger to change our communities from within. Mr. Madi; Ms. Hlengiwe then, having performed various sales techniques over and over again since the birth of this dream.
“We even drove vehicles with the “for sale” signs painted on the windows through the East
Rand, not only with the intention to sell cars – but to influence a generation and our community” – Mr. Madi
“It was never easy… not for one moment, but if it were; everyone would do it” – Ms. Ngubane
Ms. Ngubane then saw it fit to close the deal and formally establish a dealership, providing inspected, top quality, new and used vehicles purchasing experiences for all types of consumers, at competitive prices.
A dream established and put in action by Mr. Madi, and formalised by Ms. Ngubane, making her the legal owner of the company. This dynamic duo’s leadership skillset has proven themselves overtime Lucky Madi Auto (‘LMA’) has been up and running for well over a year and has created a safe haven for the first time buyer. Located on the corner of 61 Ampthill Avenue, Benoni, LMA is conveniently placed in one of the busiest streets of Benoni, a stone throw away from residential areas business hubs.
With nearly 2,000 vehicles sold daily in and around the Province of Gauteng – LMA has committed itself to providing our client’s and our community the tailormade service we all need.
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